Block Party – Open House Sign-Ins And Listing & Brand Promotion

Block Party is a digital marketing tool for real estate agents & professionals to maximize every open house, promote listings, and highlight their brand on various social media platforms. The best part about Block Party, is that it’s free.

With the Block Party app, property marketing is highlighted in a whole new way. The application solves several problems:

  • The first, being the ability to capture new client information. The Open House Sign-in is a great way to save time and capture client information that is 100% touchless and paperless. This result really goes a long way for those who want to support better hygiene and be conscious during COVID-19 about unnecessary contact between individuals.
  • The second, being the ability to convert a social media audience into leads. With Block Party’s tool, it allows you to embed your listings, lead capture, and other interactive content right into your Instagram profile (and it works for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc). See it in action here: @yournewyorkrealtor@danielgalesir@meetbobby.
  • Lastly, the app allows you more opportunities to create digital marketing connections. Block Party’s single property sites have powerful lead capture that can be sync’d with over 2,000 CRMs and marketing tools for a great range of opportunities and connections.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing tool that can elevate your real estate game to the next level, then you might want to look into Block Party.